Discover our thriving global community, spanning 150+ countries with thousands of active members. Our journey began with a comprehensive review of funding companies, culminating in the development of a streamlined and unconstrained model that aligns with our vision.

Our founder, Darrell Martin, achieved $300,000 in payouts with a single funding company, sparking his ambition to establish an unbounded, opportunity-driven model. We are dedicated to delivering enhanced prospects without unnecessary embellishment.


Best Futures Trading Platform

At Apex Trader Funding, we stand out for our commitment to providing traders with a seamless and cost-effective experience. We offer some of the most trader-friendly features in the industry, making it an ideal choice for those looking to manage risk, maximize profits, and scale their trading operations.

We are dedicated to providing traders with the tools and flexibility they need to thrive in the futures market. Join us today and experience a platform that empowers you to trade with confidence and seize opportunities without unnecessary limitations.

What Makes Apex Trader Funding One of the BEST Futures Trading Platforms?

Minimal Restrictions

We believe in giving traders the freedom to trade without unnecessary constraints. Unlike many other platforms, we don't impose stringent rules during holidays or major news events. You have the flexibility to trade whenever it suits you, empowering you to make the most of your opportunities.

Longer Trading Hours

Our platform accommodates traders across the globe by offering a 23-hour trading window. You can trade from 6:00 PM one day to close all your positions and orders by 4:59 PM Eastern Time the following day. This extended trading schedule ensures that you can align your trading activities with your preferences and time zone.

Risk Management

We understand the importance of risk management in trading. Our platform is designed to challenge and hone your risk management skills. Traders who pass our performance tests gain access to a funded account, allowing them to earn while they trade.

No Arbitrary Restrictions

Unlike platforms that impose daily drawdown limits or restrict scaling, we offer plans that are designed to support your growth as a trader. Our plans set a cap on the maximum number of contracts, without penalizing you for exceeding your allocation.

The Best Service We Offer

We have learned as a community that one must not only have knowledge but organized knowledge, have daily interaction as one must not only seek help but must consistently help others to truly excel, and one must have more than freemium tools to give us an edge, we must have cutting edge tools.

How to Trade Futures

Trading futures involves speculating on the future price of an underlying asset, such as commodities, stock indexes, currencies, or interest rates. It is a derivative financial instrument where traders agree to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined price on a specified future date. Before diving into futures trading, it's crucial to understand how it works. Familiarize yourself with the futures market, various contracts, and how price movements are influenced by factors like supply and demand, economic indicators, and geopolitical events.

Learn How to Become a Fund Trader

Apex Investing has new traders just beginning their journey to retired floor trades. The education has been built for every level of trader to be able to learn and grow. Traders have access to step by step courses, dynamic Q&A through the forum, live rooms, live webinars, and Apex Live! Master Trading Seminars.

Market Research and Analysis

Our team conducts thorough market research and analysis, staying up-to-date with economic trends, industry developments, and market conditions. This information informs our investment decisions, helping us identify opportunities and make informed adjustments to your portfolio.




What does Apex offer?

Answer: We have done what we can to make this as easy as possible for you, removing as many obstacles as we can so you are free to pursue success. We don't have extra rules hidden deep in the terms. Our rules are simple: hit your profit target, without hitting your drawdown, while day trading up to 23 hours a day. We seek to be a great resource for you with genuine concern and care to help you succeed. You can trade up to a max of 20 Funded Accounts per household. We offer easy to pass, low cost, high contract plans, with very few rules, Apex Trader Funding wants to empower you to move forward to a paid/funded account so you can get paid!  

Can Traders from any country or countries participate?

We have over 100 countries available to participate in the services we offer.

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