In the fiercely competitive landscape of the sales industry, where over 40 percent of salespeople identify prospecting as the most challenging aspect of the sales process, according to Hubspot, the need to bridge the gap from prospecting to closing has never been more critical.

This interactive, member-only discussion, led by C-SUITE NETWORK™ CEO, Tricia Benn, delves into the art of cultivating connections to ignite sales growth, while also providing value to the customer. She will be joined by guest speakers, Nate Kievman, CEO of Clearlight and Mark Boundy, Chief Clarity Officer at Boundy Consulting as they address strategies and techniques that drive success and can reshape the way we approach sales.   This is your opportunity to gain insider knowledge by connecting with industry leaders to restructure your sales strategy for unparalleled success.

What You'll Learn

  • Cultivating connections for sales success

  • Strategies to ignite growth through relationship transformation

  • Tips for turning prospects into reliable , long-term clients

  • How to exceed client expectations by creating unparalleled value

Our Featured Speakers


President & Chief Clarity Officer

Boundy Consulting


Chief Executive Officer


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