Elevate Your Network at Our Monthly New York Executive Mixer!

Are you ready to elevate your professional network and open doors to exciting opportunities?

Our Monthly Executive Mixer offers a compelling reason to mark your calendar every month and be part of something truly transformative.

Networking isn't a one-time affair; it's a journey. By attending our monthly events, you ensure a continuous stream of opportunities to expand your network, fostering business relationships that evolve over time.

Join us every month on the 4th Tuesday for an unparalleled evening of networking and growth.

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April 23


New York Monthly Executive Mixer

Date: The 4th Tuesday of Every Month

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Venue: Papillon Bistro & Bar, 22 E 54th St., NYC

Conveniently located between Madison Ave. and 5th Ave., Papillon Bistro & Bar offers the perfect ambiance for fostering meaningful relationships.

Why You Can't Miss Our Monthly NYC Executive Mixer:

Forge Meaningful Connections:

At our monthly gatherings, you'll have the unique opportunity to build connections that endure far beyond the event itself. Our consistent schedule ensures that you'll establish lasting relationships with like-minded professionals.


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What You'll Gain By Joining

  1. Hight Caliber Connections

  2. Discover New Partnerships

  3. Develope Lasting Relationships

  4. Create New Business

  5. Connect With Like-Minded Peers

Join the C-Suite Network: Accelerating Executive Success

Forge meaningful connections with fellow C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and industry influencers. Our exclusive events and digital platforms provide unparalleled networking prospects that can redefine your professional trajectory.

Join the C-Suite Network and experience the power of an elite community dedicated to advancing your career, enriching your knowledge, and expanding your network. Elevate your executive journey with us.

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Who Should Attend?

At our business networking event, we're all about bringing together a dynamic community of professionals who share a common goal: to foster growth, collaboration, and success. This event is tailor-made for: CEO's, business owners and senior business leaders in NY.

Whether you helm a startup or a multinational corporation, our networking event offers you a platform to connect with peers, exchange visionary insights, and explore potential partnerships that drive your company's future.

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